Fuso Insular - Azores Video Art Exhibition
Fuso Insular - Azores Video Art Exhibition
December 1st
BBC - Caffé & Lounge

The Moving Image Laboratory is FUSO INSULAR's Creative Residency Program, whose purpose is to give the opportunity to people living in the Azores - whether artists or not - who are interested in cinematographic arts, to carry out their projects on video, providing them with content and references, and supporting them in the development and implementation of their work.

For three months, in the middle of the Azorean summer, the eight participants of Laboratory 2023 - Anita Nemet, Carolina Rocha, Elliot Sheedy, Fernando Nunes, Gustavo Fernandes, Luís Brum, TAT and Tiago Correia - held meetings with the artists Daniel Blaufuks and André Laranjinha so that, together, they can reflect on the moving image as an artistic expression that spreads across all practices. They wrote scripts, captured images and sounds, ventured through islands of editing, searching for how to tell a story, their story.

And the result are films that move between physical and affective territories, with a poetic, but also critical, look at the society in which we live.

What is the common thread between a dream, a ciranda, an ode to a community in the form of visual poetry, self-search, the pain of war, and intense images of beauty in the contemporary world?

The Moving Image Laboratory 2023 presents a collection of narratives, in videos that explore different languages - performance, dance, experimental cinema, photography, literature and digital arts - bringing in its creations the diversity of the Azorean artistic panorama.

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Fuso Insular - Azores Video Art Exhibition
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