“Azores What’s On” is an agenda that unveils and communicates events across the archipelago, designed to be used by both locals and visitors that are looking for leisure or work related events, family activities or general events happening across the islands.

Available as an app and website, “Azores What’s On” is a direct communication channel with cultural, sports, scientific and themed events of public and private initiative, and it aims to be a fundamental element to strengthen the touristic promotion of Azores, contemplating new ways of doing tourism, among nature and adventure, spreading countless initiatives that will make your stay memorable in any island of the archipelago.

In addition to the diversification, by providing an year long event schedule “Azores What’s On” effectively contributes to Azores being recognized as an attractive destination, committed with sustainability, through all seasons of the year.

These objectives enhance a model of integrated communication, with tourism agents in the planning of travels, in the increase of the average of staying days and, consequently, of the average revenue, with a benefit to the local economy.

“Azores What’s On”, an easy and intuitive tool, is a project of the XIII Azorean Government that aims to strengthen the local identity beyond borders and contributes meaningfully to the economic development of the Region and to the enrichment of its visitors.


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